More than one hundred species of insects, reptiles, spiders and birds  were photographed in the backyard garden featured in the book ‘Common Scents Organic Gardening – Techniques for Creating and Maintaining a Sustainable Kitchen Garden’.

common scents book

‘Workers’ include pollinators such as bees, butterflies, moths, beetles, bugs, wasps and some birds as well as some flies, slaters and earthworms that aid in the decomposition process.

‘Warriors’ include some beetles, bugs, flies, wasps, skinks, geckos, spiders and some birds that effectively control other species by predation.

In time, a natural ecological balance is created and maintained without the need for pesticides maximizing the quality and quantity of healthy, harvestable and sustainable produce available year after year.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: If insects, reptiles, spiders and birds are found naturally in your garden, please do not touch or handle them. If contact is made, consult a professional if adverse reactions occur or persist. Severe allergic reactions are a medical emergency and may require immediate medical attention.

All photographs are  Copyright to Pia Dowling.